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It is almost impossible for us to imagine mathematics without something as seemingly simple as a calculator in today's video we will reveal to you who invented the calculator if you don't want to miss the answer stick around.

Did you know that the calculators we know today were not invented until the 1970s the first tool created specifically for use in mathematical computations was the abacus likely invented in samaria around 2500 bc the abacus was a table of successive columns with beads or stones representing a single unit which could be used for addition or subtraction unfortunately the abacus was not very useful for multiplication or division necessitating the invention of a new device in 1617 one scottish mathematician john napier described a device that came to be known as napier's bones the bones are thin rods which are inscribed with multiplication tables while these devices greatly assisted calculations they were not true calculators because the user was doing all the mental calculation in 1642 the first true calculator was invented it performed calculations through a clockwork type of mechanism it was the pascal calculator invented by french inventor and mathematician blaise pascal was lauded for attempting calculations previously thought impossible.
Unfortunately they were difficult to produce and very few were ever made the mechanical calculator invented by thomas tacomer in the mid-19th century were easier to produce but extremely large and bulky and it wasn't until 1945 that carter stark invented the first handheld mechanic calculator [Music] they were produced in large quantities until 1970 when a company in japan invented the first digital pocket calculator companies in the us like texas instruments adapted the design of the japanese and enhanced it to create the graphing calculators with the invention of the first smartphone in 1995 individuals began to replace expensive digital calculators with a multi-use device calculators have not only greatly enhanced our ability to perform the regular computations that are involved in everyday life but provided humans with the ability to understand mathematics on a greater scale than ever imagine 

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