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Rainbow Effect- Text Animation Tool

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Hi guys and welcome in this video I will show you how to get rainbow text effect so let's jump into it as you guys can see I will go with Full HD resolution wait 72 pixels per inch and wait the black background and I will hit create and we have something like this my first move will be I will type something like rainbow up here I will just go pick white color for now see difference great and I will select my text and now I will go with 300 just like that great hit enter to apply that and now hit control to select both of them we can move tool to place it right into the center great now I'm sure hundred percent that this is on a middle of my image.

Now my next move will be I will hold ctrl until I see this icon right next to my layer text layer and I will click once and we have now our rainbow selected I will hit create a new layer and now from up here I will choose gradient tool and find this gradient and what will I do now I will just move it like this upon release we got our rainbow great now I will duplicate this layer hit OK and that's it hit control D or command D if you using Mac to unselect this make sure you select your copy now when we select our copy go to filter blur then motion blur and this really depends on the resolution how big it is and you choose from up here you can see the difference right upon moving this slider I will go with something like 500 yeah I'm satisfied with this an angle is 90 degrees I will hit okay and that's it great.

Now I will go back again select this rainbow and next move will be something like this I will go and holding alt all the time I will remove half of my selection just like that and I will create a new layer and now I will again go bring up my gradient tool and this time I will go with something like this you see this gradient and I will go do something like this great this is a fact I want it I will hit ctrl D to deselect and now let just reduce opacity something like this I'm satisfied with great and the last thing I will go add some quote below and for that I need a new text just like that this is my quote that I just copy/paste and I think worthy is enough for it great now I will just go and move it right up here so I'm sure this is on the middle because smart guides won't let me do something different and again we will repeat the same thing as we did with previous one I will just hit up here once.

We have our text selected I will create a new layer and once again go pick gradient tool choose the same gradient like we used for our previous one do something like this great that's it now let's go control the to see results and this is something that we need it so we can go add something like from blending options we can add shadows or we can go with some stroke to make it more noticeable and I will just hit okay so guys that's it for me in this video I hope you'll like it and see in the some of the next videos I will upload each week one or two videos depends on what you guys need and want for me to show you and just let me know see in the next video bye and thank you for watching 

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