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Hey I will show you how to make this rainbow text effect in the latest version of Microsoft Word it was a standard preset in the previous versions but it kind of disappears and someone still may want to use it so here is how start with a blank document and type your rainbow text we will make it bigger maybe change the font to franklin gothic this is the one which was used on the free preview and if you click on this drop down for text effects there is nothing similar to the rainbow we can try to click on the text fill and select a gradient but no no rainbow here.

We have to click the more gradients item to show this format text effects which is exactly what we want we can click in here and select gradient fill and try to try to make this look like a rainbow and because we will use more gradient stops it may be a good idea to resize this pane to be white enough so we can see more of this we will select the first gradient step and set the color to dark red select and everyone change it to red orange yellow you see it kind of forums to gradient but we are out of the gradient stops and it looks more like a fire not like a rainbow what we need to do is grab the first second gradient step and move it to the left and do the same with the air tool now we want to add a new gradient step which we can do by either clicking this edge gradient step button.

Simply by clicking anywhere in the gradient preview so we do it and change go to green add the new one dark green blue dark-blue you know keep going until you reach the end of the standard cars we cannot go like this forever because there is a restriction we can only have up to ten different gradient stops and as you can see this is step 10 of 10 so if you want to add another one we cannot do it anyway this should be enough so we just have to move those gradient steps to add even spacing something like this should be fine this preview looks like a rainbow but the text field doesn't it is because the direction in which to vary a gradient is being drawn is wrong we have to click on this direction rub down and select the left to right this is what we want nice rainbow fill for the text now what you need to know is we can change the font to bold maybe italic and everything is still fine but if we change the font size to a different one the gradient gets split into three different parts which kind of ruins the effect so keep that in mind you want to keep the size same for the whole label this is it if you like this effect you may want to check my new free ebook 7 best text effects in Microsoft.

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