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RPN(Reverse Polish Notation) calculator tool

Javascript RPN Scientific Calculator

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How to Use This Calculator:
I'm gonna be showing you how to use a reverse polish notation calculator on the right I have stack calculator which is one and then on the Left I have full frame alpha and I just have a sample equation that we're gonna solve and it results in 11 so if we do it right we should get that.

Now the difference with how this works from a normal calculator there's two big things the first is and this is saying five plus seven or whatever numbers you want to add you enter your numbers first and then you say what operation you want to occur on them so we would say six and then we say enter and then we say eight and we add them together the second thing is there's no parentheses and you don't need parentheses at all in a reverse polish notation calculator because it uses a stack where it stores previous results as you'll see so let's try to solve this and I'll show you how you would do it with a reverse polish notation calculator okay so first I start from the left or the innermost so I'm gonna calculate this and then this and then this so six enter eight right and then we say well operation we want to occur on those numbers we're gonna add them together so 14 and then I want to square root it or not square root it power of two so I'm in or two and then power we get 196.

 we want to divide it by 102 it's normally right you would say division in parentheses 102 at minus 53 but with this it's really nice because it we're pretty much just gonna float this answer so I'm gonna hit enter notice how it pops up there and now I can say 53 and I can subtract it from 102 and so now we want to really do division on these two numbers right so now I just say division and we get four and this side is done so now I want to calculate this and add it with that so again I'm just gonna float it so I'm gonna say four to eight it's kind of just sitting up there and I say enter 379 subtract and then now I want to buy you by seven so I say seven.

We add them together finally and we get 11 so cool so that's how you do it with reverse polish notation calculator the difference is is you do this technique which I like to call floating or basically you save your answer up the stack or up in the air while you compute another part and put it together I really like these type of calculators and using them a lot in math over regular ones just from a nice being able to push it up and not having to worry about parentheses and then gonna get in trouble you can swap stuff if you get it outward or whatnot so I really like it so that's how you use it I hope that was helpful you 

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