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This MJ and here I'm going to show you how to do calculation in ms word and this method will work all version of ms word like 2003 2007 2010 and even 2013 so this method will work only in table format so I have a table here you can see I jump 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th total so here I will orange and mango banana so these are values and for example here in the lost column in the total column I would like to do their product so the formula is press alt a Oh remember the key and don't be confused about my pronunciation hold the Alt key and press a o the formula will appear here you can see okay the formula is here and I don't want to do the sum.

I want to do the product here so I will change this one like product that's it product from the left side because I have a value in the left side and press ok you can see the total value and the next column I will show again to go to formula press alt a oh and here I will change the product and I want to do from the left side so touch the left that's it so like this you can do some also if you want to do want to some go to formula alt a oh and here already you want some formula so just press ENTER look at that in the next column the if you want to do the same thing go to alt a oh and here they have to change because here on the sum but here you can see the above it means the formula will check from the above but we don't want to take above we want to change the from the left side so here just change the left and plus okay that's it.

 So like this you can do all products - or divided our percentage or anything of the calculation you can do easily but in the first time in the beginning you feel some difficulty but if you go to some practice up to two or three days you will do it very fast and I will show you if you are getting the difficulty I will show other method to do this so first we will do product go all day oh and just delete this okay this and here you can see past function in the best function just exchange this and he will get the ready-made formula like if you want to do average just click on and here you can see the aeration is come tap the here from the left you can see left.

Now press Enter look at that so like this you can change any formula beginning the particular your product or some round like this sign some like this so I will show one more easy method for professionals so I will go and I am going to do the product for all columns of total columns I will change the product in sum of sum and I will copy this formula look at it I am going to select this all and copy these with pressing ctrl C and okay so first column I got the product in the next up next column go to formula alt a go and you don't need to tell the formula just pasted control V to paste an inter that's it look at that control the pest and that's it so these are phosphate to do the calculation as the same if you if you are going to do the same product for all total columns.

If you want to do the sum here you can see already is some from left side so copy this and press enter and for next go to all a oh and select this and paste press enter look at that left side look at go to press if you want to do the product are the same method but you have to understand this and it's not a very easy to do this but if you do practice or to do it today so you can get easily so last in the last column I will do the sum or product okay I will do some above look at that and I will copy this formula just select this and copy and okay and now in the next column I don't need to type the formula same formula because I have copied the formula just go to old a oh and select these and pair these inter and select these where these intersect these pairs this inter so these are easier to do anything in the calculation in the word like product or some are.

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